After news broke of the breakdown in talks between EA and Turn 10 to secure Porsche for Forza 4, Turn 10 had another trick up their sleeve. Halo 4 isn’t coming out for some time, and 343 already gave us a peek of what the new Warthog will look like. Well, it looks like 343 and Turn 10 worked up a deal to feature the remodeled Warthog in Forza 4’s AutoVista Mode. For those who don’t know what AutoVista is, it’s when you take a virtual tour of pretty much every car in the game. You get to see what makes most of them tick and test drive them, however with the Warthog, you won’t be able to drive that vehicle around Forza 4. That makes me a sad person, I could cry now knowing that I won’t be able to flip over people’s regular real world cars with my huge ass Warthog. I guess it’s still pretty cool that the Warthog will be in the game in some form. Here are some pictures to get you excited!

October 11th, Prepare for the new chapter of Hal…I mean Rev your engines for Forza Motorsport 4 exclusively on Xbox 360.

Source – Gamerant


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