Sports, its something I’ve grown up watching and playing. This year however, has made me wonder a bit. We witnessed two lockouts, key college programs take big hits, deaths of popular Motorsport stars and then some. I could just sum up this year in one short paragraph…but where’s the fun in that!? It’s been a wild ride in sports this year, like I mentioned already we had two lockouts happen…and that’s where I’ll start with this year in review.

Two Lockouts, A Lot of Angry Fans
In my 23 years of living, I have never experienced two sports organizations lockout within a year. First the NFL (130) and then the NBA (161), starting with the NFL lockout that lasted 130 days and might have been the first time I ever cursed the name of the NFL and its players so bad. The NFL Lockout ended after 130 days with anti-trust cases and finally a new deal being reached that renewed the CBA for another 10 years. The NFL lockout struck a chord with me because of the same players that would say that they love the game and the fans, but yet they would fight for that big payday instead of playing football and keep the fans from changing their opinion on their favorite athlete. That leads me to the 161 day lockout that the NBA went through before reaching a deal and bringing the NBA back on Christmas day. However, the deal that was struck wasn’t a very favorable one for the players as some feel. So two lockouts that happened in the span of one year, I don’t think we will ever see this type of thing happen again for a long time. I see the NBA locking out again after this CBA is up, but the NFL will renew theirs with no problem.

Big Schools Getting Suspended!?
Here’s a funny story from college sports, this year a lot of top schools took big hits because they did something wrong or their players were just plain greedy or stupid. This is the case for Schools like Ohio State who was banned from bowl games this year due to infractions Jim Tressel knew about and didn’t do anything. Other schools hits with infractions were LSU who got a one year probation and restrictions on recruitment of future players. USC lost 30 scholarships over a three year period and banned from the Pac-12 Championship. This is what happens when college programs don’t monitor or teach their student athletes restraint finally get hit with the penalties they deserve, well not USC…that might have been a bit harsh..but everyone else i’m sure got what they deserved.

Motorsports are dangerous and this is why….
This year we lost over six motorsport stars, two of the most notable ones being Dan Wheldon in Las Vegas and Marco Simoncelli during the Malaysian MotoGP in Sepang. This was not a good year for motorsports fans if you followed these events closely. It’s sad because on one hand, one guy died at such a young age and the other died in such horrific fashion. Its times like that you see how dangerous these sports really are.

This story makes our year in review because Chris Paul does get traded to an LA team…but it was the Clippers instead of the Lakers. After a trade that would send Chris Paul to the Lakers was voided by commissioner David Stern, another trade was completed that sent Chris Paul to the Clippers. David Stern caught a lot of flak for the deal that went down but in the end, LA still got Chris Paul.

Drew Brees Passes Marino
For a while Dan Marino held the single season passing yards record. Well, that was until recently when Drew Brees broke it while playing against the Falcons. Marinos record of 5,084 was passed by Drew Brees who will end 2011 with 5,087 passing yards and possibly more when they face Carolina in the last game of the regular season. Some are saying that Tom Brady could have a break out game and also pass Drew Brees in the same season, but to be honest, I doubt that’s going to happen.

What were some of your top sports stories you followed this past year, post them here…discuss them!


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