What a 2011 we had right!? Its been full of ups and down for the gaming business. We finally met the PSP’s successor, witnessed a near month-long PSN outage, said hello to the WiiU, played a bunch of Triple and Double A titles that might or might not have lived up to the hype they were given. All of that and then some, its been a crazy year and we’re going to take a look back at it….right now!

Hello Vita
The PSP might not have been as great of a product as Sony wanted it to be, so what do you do? Oh yeah, introduce another handheld system that just BLOWs that one away. Enter, PlayStation Vita. For a while we refereed to Vita as the NGP, that was until E3 this year when the NGP name was dropped and the Vita name was introduced. This new handheld can do just as much, if not, more than a cell phone. With a back panel touchpad, touchscreen, front and rear facing camera, and games look amazing on it. While it has already been released in Japan, we have to wait till next year (unless you import it from Japan) to officially get our hands on it.

3-D, It’s All The Rage!
3-D, that seemed to have been the must have feature in video games this year. Every time you turned around another game announced that it would support 3-D. This feature that has resurfaced after a small stint of use in the 80’s and 90’s. Just like back then, the fad has somewhat phased out and no one talks about it in Gaming as much as they talk about it with technology.

HD Remakes and Sequels Ruled The Year
This year was dominated by the sequels and loads of HD remakes/remasters/re-releases. 3 was the magic number as we saw the released of Uncharted 3, Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. More information was released about Mass Effect 3, JUST A BUNCH OF THREES RUNNING AROUND RIGHT!? Anyways, aside from the sequels, we saw a lot of games get an HD remake this year as well. The most notable being the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. Announced this year as well was the Devil May Cry HD Collection which is due for release next year.

The Wii looked like it would have a bright future, then Nintendo saw that maybe they need to revamp their system to actually compete with Microsoft and PlayStation..mostly Microsoft and their new toy the Kinect. How do you try to one up this achievement!? Nintendo at E3 announced the WiiU, but not by showing the actual console…they showed the controller. Which in my opinion was one of the biggest letdown of E3 this year and I still say the same. Sony brought more to the table with Vita than Nintendo did with WiiU.

PlayStation Network Outage
To round out this year, the PSN hacking/outage that went on forever. Without this event happening, I don’t think we as gamers would have known how secure the PSN was. We found out how bad their security was when the hackers got a hold of personal information and credit card numbers. Maybe we all should learn from the paranoid online shopper who’s afraid to put their information online because they feel they are risking having their identity stolen. Maybe we should learn to not trust the big companies with our information at all…or maybe we shouldn’t trust just Sony with our information. The outage lasted 23 Days and ended with Sony giving customers 2 free games, days added on or 30 days of PlayStation Plus and some other stuff.

2011 has been a crazy year, what are some of YOUR fond or not so fond memories from this past year in gaming?


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