Hey Guys and gals, recently you’ve probably noticed that the blog has been at a standstill. Reason why is because of my new position with Nerdiest-Kids.com, now this is no excuse to stop posting here, cause I love the freedom of saying  whats on my mind without the restrictions of keeping up an image. Not to knock NK, cause the site is awesome, and I love the opportunity of getting my opinion out there, but one “wrong” thing said and the general site gets scrutinized for it. That’s a story for a different time though, news and opinion blogs will start back soon, just trying to get in the grove of things then we’ll see what happens. So far its been awesome, working with guys who are on top of their shit and not pussyfooting around. But yeah, i’ll get back to posting soon before this post turns into a rant article haha.

See you on the flip side

Norman Rhodes


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