We as well as TONS of other websites blacked out in protest of SOPA and PIPA. While SOPA is shelved for the time being, PIPA is looking to be rushed to the floor…or maybe it won’t anymore with Senators dropping support for it. This video was posted at Midnight the day of the blackouts, and was passed around the internet with a simple and LARGE message. To not support the ESA (Electronic Software Association) until they change their stance on SOPA. We haven’t received an outcry of people telling us to NOT cover or attend E3 since the release of this video, but that shouldn’t sway our decision. Speaking of that, The Indy Source will follow suit with this video and not Cover or Attend E3 this year unless the ESA changes their stance on SOPA/PIPA. We understand the dangers these bills present to the current media. We can not stand to be censored or removed because some guy in a thousand dollar suit says we are breaking copyright laws. If the ESA doesn’t see the harm in these pieces of legislation, the movement might go a little further than just boycotting E3, people might just boycott games from the developers under the ESA.

Also, I have a treat for you guys. If you missed some of the websites black outs, here’s some pictures!

We also URGE you to continue contacting your congressperson and letting them know you oppose these bills as well! Don’t let your voice go unheard and continue to support the opposition of this bill. You can visit these sites for more info: American Censorship and SOPA Strike


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