For this week’s intro to the round-up I would like to remember Al Davis. First off, I know there is a lot of people who didn’t like him being the owner or what he did in drafts, but he made a new template in the NFL for a team. Al Davis was the commissioner of the AFL before it combined with the NFL to form what it is today. Who knows, there could have been two leagues still if it wasn’t for him. The man was a legend no matter what anyone says, Rest In Peace Al Davis, Just Win, Baby. Now to the scores:

Tennessee Titans (3-2) 17  at Pittsburgh Steelers (3-2) 38
Well, as much as I hate to say it, the Steelers are back, for now at least. Ben Roethlisberger tied the team record for passing touchdowns with a sprained left foot. The Titans came in a screeching hault in this game but they still didn’t look absolutely terrible.

Oakland Raiders (3-2) 25 at Houston Texans (3-2) 20
This was a very, very emotional game and was awesome to see the Raiders win. A day after the owner of the Raiders passed away the Raiders come away with a win. Even though the Texans lost, Matt Schaub still caught a little attention by throwing for 416 yards and 2 touchdowns. He also caught unwanted attention by ultimately costing the Texans the game.
Norm’s Two Cents: Absolutely an emotional game for the Raiders after their owner Al Davis passed away Saturday. The interception that wrapped this game up and sealed the win for the Raiders couldn’t have been any sweeter. Not to sound heartless however, it would have been EVEN BETTER if this was back in Oakland.

Kansas City Chiefs (2-3) 28 at Indianapolis Colts (0-5) 24
The Colts still don’t have Peyton Manning yet so I still don’t expect a win. Curtis Painter actually had a decent game with 277 yards and 2 td’s but it was nothing compared to Matt Cassel’s game. He threw for 257 yards and 4 touchdowns, he only missed 8 passes. With their search of a solid running back to replace Jamaal Charles still continuing Jackie Battle stepped his game up and ran for 119 yards.

Cincinnati Bengals (3-2) 30 at Jacksonville Jaguars (1-4) 20
Blaine Gabbert actually had a decent game throwing for 221 yards and a touchdown, but hurt him and his team was all of his fumbles. Andy Dalton threw for 2 touchdowns and an interception he isn’t having amazing games but he’s still winning.

Seattle Seahawks (2-3) 36 at New York Giants (3-2) 25
Seahawks had this game under control for most of it even after Tarvaris Jackson got injured. Eli Manning threw for 3 touchdowns but also in Eli-fashion threw 3 interceptions. Victor Cruz also had a very good game on the losing team, making one of the best catches I’ve ever seen.
Norm’s Two Cents: The Seahawks beat the Giants…nuff said.

Arizona Cardinals (1-4) 10 at Minnesota Vikings (1-4) 34
Adrian Peterson literally ran all over the Cardinals. He had 3 touchdowns in the first quarter alone. He ended the game with 122 yards and 3 touchdown’s. Here’s a good hint Vikings, use McNabb less.

New Orleans Saints (4-1) 30 at Carolina Panthers (1-4) 27
This game was definitely in Saints fashion, meaning the score was not low. Cam Newton came back to earth a little in this game only throwing for 224 yards. Drew Brees excelled though throwing for 359 yards and 2 touchdowns. Mark Ingram also had his second touchdown of the season. For fantasy team owners, the best Saints’ running back to own is still Darren Sproles.

Philadelphia Eagles (1-4) 24 at Buffalo Bills (4-1) 31
I think it’s safe to say they are no longer the “Dream Team”. Mike Vick didn’t have that good of a game as he threw 4 interceptions. This game also proved how surprisingly good the Bills are. They have a good quarterback, an underrated defense, and a very good running back. They show there is a reason for them to be where they are in their division.
Norm’s Two Cents: I’m sure Vince Young is eating his words now after proclaiming that this was “The Dream Team”. Eagles go down to a talented Bills team and the season woes continue.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-2) 3 at San Francisco 49ers (4-1) 48
Alright I’ll just go ahead and say it, the Bucs got whooped. Jim Harbaugh really turned this team around, they are actually beating pretty decent teams. They also have on of the top run defenses in the league. The most important thing that he’s done though, make Alex Smith a decent quarterback. I can see them going to the playoffs this year.
Norm’s Two Cents: Watching this game shocked me. I say shock as in, everytime I turned around the 49ers were scoring a touchdown. The Bucs are in no sense of the word a bad team, but the 49ers had their number.

New York Jets (2-3) 21 at New England Patriots (4-1) 30
I realize that the Patriots have the number 1 offense in the league, but the Jets did not look good in this game. Tom Brady was able to pass on them and BenJarvus Green-Ellis was able to run on them. Their defense looked terrible in this game and when the offense had to do the opposite and bail the defense out they couldn’t do it.

San Diego Chargers (4-1) 29 at Denver Broncos  (1-4) 24
Both teams ran the ball down each other’s throats but the Chargers came out on top. The Broncos did make a rally in the last quarter for a comeback mostly because of Tim Tebow. It was crazy to watch him play he entered the game and the whole team was just re-energized. John Fox isn’t the smartest for not starting Tim Tebow earlier, it is definitely Tebow time in Denver.
Norm’s Two Cents: My NFC Team is the Washington Redskins, my AFC Team is the Broncos. Yes, I like the Broncos so it broke my heart to watch the final play of this game after Tebow brought this team back. I’m with you Denver, i’m also chanting “Tebow Tebow Tebow”.

Green Bay Packers (5-0) 25 at Atlanta Falcons (2-3) 14
I’m going to go ahead and say this now, Aaron Rodgers MVP. The man is ridiculous he can pass like Tom Brady and he can run with the ball too. There is no other quarterback like him in the league right now. It also helps that he has a good supporting cast around him at wide receiver and tight end. It’s safe to say the Packers are going to the playoffs, but you can leave the Super Bowl speculations to yourself.

Chicago Bears (2-3) 13 at Detroit Lions (5-0) 24
The Lions looked really good again in this game against the Bears. Calvin Johnson aka “Megatron” is amazing to watch he can pretty much catch any pass thrown his way.  Ndamukong Suh and the defense also have a renewed energy since last season they don’t even need to blitz to get to the quarterback. All I have to say is the Thanksgiving game this year is going to be amazing.


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