You remember Google Chrome, how can you not when it’s installed on a lot of people’s computers including mine. It’s one of the best browsers out and finally, Android 4.0 users can use it on their phones and tablets. Everyone else will…well…have to get an Android 4.0 device or wait till 4.0 becomes available for their device. Chrome for Android features automatic tab and bookmark syncing between your device and desktop. A slicker UI and more tweaks made for the android devices and you have a browser that some are touting as the best mobile browser to date. I, however, have an iPhone and the Samsung Epic 4G (Galaxy S Phone), none of which has access to the Google Chrome beta, so we’re out of luck on getting our hands on this app.

If you do have an Android 4.0 Phone or Tablet and want to help us out with an impression or hands on of the beta, you can leave a comment on this post or send it to our email inbox along with your name to

Source – Gizmodo


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