In a week that’s probably going to have more announcements like this, EA has announced the first DLC to grace Dead Space 2 players. With this new DLC Coming out March 1st, it will extend the story to Dead Space 2 and put you in the shoes of Gabe Weller (Dead Space: Extraction Fame). With two extra Single-Player chapters and the return of the Twitcher enemy, this DLC sounds like its going to be a hell of a fun time. On top of that, you can purchase the following suits and upgrades from the XBL Marketplace and PlayStation Network:

Dead Space 2: Martial Law Pack, 400 MS Points, $4.99 / 4,99 Euro
Earth Gov Bundle (Earth Gov Security Suit, Earth Gov Pulse Rifle, Earth Gov Seeker Rifle, Earth Gov Detonator)
Bloody Bundle (Bloody Vintage Suit, Bloody Flamethrower, Bloody Javelin Gun, Bloody Force Gun)

Dead Space 2: Supernova Pack, 400 MS Points, $4.99 / 4,99 Euro
Forged Bundle (Forged Engineering Suit, Forged Plasma Cutter, Forged Line Gun, Forged Ripper)
Heavy Duty Bundle(Heavy Duty Vintage Suit, Heavy Duty Line Gun, Heavy Duty Contact Beam, Heavy Duty Detonator)
Agility Bundle (Agility Advanced Suit, Agility Rivet Gun, Agility Plasma Cutter, Agility Pulse Rifle)

Dead Space 2: Occupational Hazard Pack, 400 MS Points, $4.99 / 4,99 Euro
Hazard Bundle (Hazard Suit, Hazard Line Gun)
Triage Bundle (Triage Suit, Triage Javelin Gun)
Shockpoint Bundle (Shockpoint Suit, Shockpoint Ripper)

The Dead Space 2: Severed DLC will cost you 560MS Points or 6.99 for you PSN people! Here’s a trailer for you to look at as well!


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