So, you want to be a UFC Fighter? Well here are some tips that’ll have you submitting guys like and actual MMA Pro.


Muay Thai – Utilize the Muay Thai Clinch. Knees and Uppercuts definitely will rock your opponent in no time if you’ve done enough damage to your opponent. Before utilizing the clinch, use your kicks, leg kicks will drop their guard enough for you to sneak in the head kick or body kick if your looking for the KO or Submission.

Boxer – Boxing is a more stand up game, so connect with a lot of combos and make good use of the lunge hooks as well the ducking hooks. These hooks will help you in the long run when trying to get the all important KO off your opponent.

Kickboxing – Same as boxing but using Kicks. You’re still using your hands for the combos to open up the mid section then out of nowhere, KO with the head kick. Head Kicks seem to be the stronger of the two signature moves when using a Kick boxer.


Brazillian Jiu Jitsu – BJJ is more of a submission fighting style than ground and pound. With this, you want to wear your opponent down and finish them off with a Triangle Choke on the ground.

Wrestling – Wrestling has more to do with taking down an opponent, then punishing them on the ground afterward. With this fighting style, you want to go for the take down and finish off the fight with a ground and pound.

Judo – Judo is a counter attack fighting style, which takes a lot of patience. With this fighting style you want to wait for the opponent to attack and surprise them with a vicious counter that turns things into YOUR favor. Finish the fight anyway you want with this one.

Hopefully this helps out some of you who have been struggling with some of these fighting styles, and hopefully are put to good use.


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