Imagine this, you are sitting in a room for a movie screening with fellow critics and some fans. Someone comes up and tells you along with everyone else sitting in their seats patiently that the film you are there to see has been deleted…delaying the screening of the film. For some of you this might be funny, for the rest of you this is probably the worst thing that can ever happen in your existence! However, this exact thing happened to the lucky fans and film critics who were ready to watch an early screening of Marvel’s The Avengers.

I know it’s not something that you would usually encounter, but its something that just happened and apparently its an easy mistake to make.

Slate asked Steve Kraus, whom Roger Ebert has called one of “the best projectionists in the nation.” Kraus told us that it’s as easy as deleting any important file from your computer. “It’s click to delete from the server and an Are you sure?’ confirmation,” he explained over email.

I, personally, don’t know too much about the movie industry and the technology behind what theaters are using now to project these movies to these big screens. I guess everything is pretty much digital now, so mistakes such as this one can happen and will probably happen if the wrong person is behind the projector.


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