Controversy, a word that is used to describe some of the worst screwjobs, acquisitions, etc. However, in the past 5-10 years the word has lost its meaning somewhat. I say this because people describe even the smallest thing as being controversial. Lets take a look at some ACTUAL controversial moments in my 23 year lifespan, the most obvious to wrestling fans was the famous Montreal Screwjob. Bret Hart on his way out to WCW and possibly looking to pull a CM Punk of present day, has the bell rung on him after Shawn Michael’s applies Bret Harts signature move, the sharpshooter. Why was this controversial, Bret never tapped, the bell rung immediately after the move was applied to him. Also, this was during an era where wrestling was HUGE, you can call it a boom period for the sport.

Moving away from that to another moment, the 2000 presidential election between Al Gore and President to be George W. Bush. Why was this controversial you say? The projected winner being Al Gore that led to a recount in Florida that led to George W becoming president and possibly the worst presidency the US has witnessed since Franklin Pierce. For those who don’t know who Franklin Pierce is, just google it or click the hyperlinked name! Back to the meaning of this being controversial, clear winner being Al Gore at the time and it’s taken away from him because people in Florida don’t know how to…..count? I’m sure there are still people who look back at that moment in history and wonder…if Florida rigged the election.

My point being, as stated earlier and as you can tell by the title, the word is just thrown around now. The most recent “controversy” revolves around Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games new release, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Without giving away too much for those who plan on buying the game, there’s a scene in Paris that got some people riled up! This scene joins Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s “No Russian” mission where you walk through the airport and shoot civilians with little to no resistance. In my opinion, I didn’t mind No Russian, and this might seem like a bad thing to say….but I enjoyed it. Video games are an art form, or at least they’ve transformed into an art form. People treat video games as they do a movie premiere now, its pretty crazy right? I understood that the scene was there to push the story, plus I got to be the bad guy for once. The thing about these two things being called controversial, is that the impact wasn’t that bad. Is real life controversial? Plus, at the end of the No Russian mission you’re met by the FBI or whoever that was, they had guns, they were armored up, and they shot at me the bastards!

We, as people need to get our priorities straight. Seeing a guy crap on the american flag might be controversial if he’s american or arab elitist because that’s the mindset we…as Americans have. However, a guy, shoving a dildo up his back door on live tv is not. Every call a NBA Referee makes is controversial…because they just suck at making good calls, but watching a rat get stabbed in the head because he’s trying to nibble on your finger is not. Get that PETA, stabbing a rat in a video game is NOT cruelty to animals, now go back to chasing whales and stuff. That last statement might be controversial….but only to PETA. We need to stop throwing around that word at every single little bad thing that happens, unless it has some major impact like a nuclear bomb, it’s not worth the time or energy. Also, you have to agree with Eric Bishoff’s book entitled “Controversy Creates Cash”. It absolutely does and that is a topic for a different post. Something will always happen that will catch the eye of the general audience, and someone will misinterpret it and make it into a controversy when it’s really not. Lets use good judgement people and stop throwing the word “Controversy” around and keep it reserved for the moments that REALLY need it.

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