I know the year is almost over, and while we got a mega head start on the Madden wish list, we nearly forgot to talk about one of the best college football games to ever be released. NCAA Football 12 was pretty solid, so its going to be kinda hard to suggest things to add or fix for NCAA Football 13 but we’ll try anyways!


The Ability To Change Positions In Road To Glory – I’m sure in college football that a player finds out he’s better suited for another position than he originally started playing. They probably go up to their coach and ask to be changed to another position or the coach tests them out at another position. This should be in the game because it hit me that my Defensive Tackle would be better off as a Defensive End. We can already select two position to play while playing in high school, why not add the ability within our 4 years in road to glory to change to another position.

The Ability To Choose Between Becoming A Coach Or Exporting To Madden 13 – An option that was taken out of the game after 2009 and never put back in the game. It should be put back in, after a player finishes 4 years of college, maybe he doesn’t want to immediately go to the NFL. Maybe he wants to coach a college team and see the work put in from the other side of the sideline.

Play and Formation Creation in Custom Playbooks – Madden and NCAA Football both reintroduced custom playbooks to their respective franchises. Lets bring back another feature that used to come with the custom playbooks, formation and play creation. I miss being able to create a play that I know would defeat defenses 98% of the time or create a formation that blocks the run perfectly. I miss these days…bring them back!

The Ability to Use Custom Playbooks Online – I like the fact I can use my playbook offline, but I would like to test it against someone who might constantly adapts to the situation in front of them. Giving us the ability to use our custom playbooks against each other would be great, you can give it an option online like Team Builder has an online option just for people to play each other Team Builder teams.

The Ability to persuade your Coach To Challenge A Play – Sometimes in Road to Glory the A.I. doesn’t challenge that important play where a fumble happens after your player is clearly down. For moments like that we should have the ability to persuade the coach to challenge the play. It can be a mini game or treated like a regular challenge.

Export NCAA Coach to Madden 13 – With the coaching carousel and the ability to retire during dynasty mode, we should also have the option to take our coach pro. It happens, look at Pete Carroll, he’s coaching the Seahawks now. We should have the ability to bring our awesome coaches to Madden and even have some mention on commentary of their college career.

Export Road To Glory Player After Junior Year – I never understood why the option was taken out, but I should be able to leave college for the draft after completing my junior year.

Team Builder: Create A Arena – Team Builder is already a fantastic mode, but what would make it even better? Being able to make your own college football stadium for your team. Lets us do what we’re kinda able to do while creating a team on Madden but with more customization.

-Fixes and Improvements-

Improve Offensive Line A.I. – Anything below the All-American difficulty has GREAT blocking, after that is a different story. I’ve seen my offensive line collapse more times than it should, it was like playing Madden on All Madden. If a team has a good blocking scheme, it should show.

These are some of my suggestions of what I would like to see in NCAA Football 13, what would you guys like to see? Leave a Comment here or on Facebook!


  1. I agree with the blocking AI needing major improvement. here’s my list:

    1.) Ratings should actually matter. If i recruit a pass rushing OLB then he should rack up a lot of sacks, but miss a lot of tackles on the RB’s. I’m tired of having my 6’5″ star WR getting jacked up at the line by a 60 ovr CB.

    2.) I want each of my players to feel different when I control them. I should be able to tell the difference when I’m controlling a power RB or a speedy playmaking WR

    3.) Size/weight and momentum should actually matter for all players

    4) better/ more interaction between all positions. TE’s should be able to lay out smaller DB’s on blocks. right now size and strength doesn’t matter

    5) enough of the menu lag already, it takes 30 mins to call each recruit. also I should be able to offer a scholarship when i quick call. another nice feature would be to have to option to quick call the top 10 recruits on your boars, 60 mins each, with only having to press one button. it would save a ton of time and frustration.

    6) I think a cool feature would be to set a specific gameplan before each game. for example, you examine the opposing team’s stats and see that they are ranked #3 in the nation in rushing, but # 116 in the nation in passing. we should be able to choose to focus on stopping the run, even if it means leaving some passing lanes open. in the current game this would be pointless since even a 60 ovr QB can pick apart even the best defenses since rating don’t matter.

    7) make all players have to slow down and plant their feet to change direction. obviously bigger players will have to slow down more to turn. right now everyone just slides around.

    8) it seems like the CPU QB’s never scramble out of the pocket to throw on the run. everytime they scramble they just tuck the ball away and head downfield. better CPU passing QB’s should focus on avoiding the rush, getting out of the pocket while keeping their eyes downfield to find an open WR.

    9) defenders make perfect form tackles way too often. in real football there is about 3 missed tackles per play, but each miss slows the ball carrier down or disrupts the play to allow another player to make the tacker. in ncaa I rarely ever see any broken tackles, even when a player is moving at full speed. there needs to be more sloppy tackles and arm tackles.

    10) all QB’s are way too accurate and WR’s seem to catch everything. every single time me or the CPU pass the ball its either a pick or a catch. there needs to be way more wild throws and lesser WR’s dropping harder passes.

    11) 85 man rosters at least for the user, I’m tired of having to cut 15 extra players each year

    12) no more freezing especially during sims

    13) all of the players look like robots sliding around, the game needs to be much more fluid. the players need to feel more unique and less robotic

    14) you rarely ever see OLB’s leading user teams in sacks, its almost always DT’s for some reason. if the defense is a 4-3 the best pass rushing DE should lead the team in sacks, if the defense runs a 3-4 then the best pass rushing OLB should lead the team in sacks

    15) enough with the unrealistic Heisman winners. no player from FIU would win the Heisman

    16) there’s way too many players with 99 stats. 99 should be almost impossible to attain. to be a 99 that would mean that the players is the greatest ever of all time, that it would be impossible for any player to be better than him. that means it should be nearly impossible to get a 99 stat but there is like 5 people with 99 stats on each team. A 90 ovr should be a heisman candidate. there aren’t too many of them each year.

    17) Helmets flying off during major hits would be cool. (it shouldn’t happen very often)

    18) it should be easier for players to switch positions. how many times have we seen a high school QB move to WR and be a star? currently in the game if practically any QB moved position he would be around a 40 ovr. remember these are elite college athletes we’re talking about, they should be able to play multiple positions, obviously not as good as their primary position, but they shouldnt be abysmal at a similar position. also, if i switch my OLB to a DE, or my CB to a S, they should gain some weight to make up for their new positions. this is especially true for ATH coming out of high school. look at russell sheppard of LSU for example, he was a QB, now he plays RB and WR. he plays all 3 positions effectively, but in the game he can only play WR. DeAnthony Thomas of Oregon is another good example. He plays WR and RB now, but he was a CB at the HS all american game.


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