When I started gaming, I started with a Sega Genesis and a rival fighting game named Street Fighter. In 91′ there was another system named the Neo Geo and that very same system might be making a comeback, but in handheld form. SNK announced that it is lending its name to this very awesome 20 game handheld system. The name for it now is the Neo Geo Pocket, which will probably change once everything is set in stone. It will sport a 4.3 inch screen, analog nub, shoulder buttons and a AV and SD card ports. This system will also ship with 20 of SNK’s classic games that includes the following:

Metal Slug
King of Fighters ’94
Fatal Fury
World Heroes
Ultimate 11
Top Player’s Golf
Mutation Nation
Last Resort
King of Monsters
Cyber Lip
Fatal Fury Special
Art of Fighting
Super Sidekicks
League Bowling
Magical Lord
Baseball Stars Professional
Samurai Showdown

So far, theres no manufacturer for the system and no price or release date set. This gets me a little excited, I would love having a handheld around of a system I didn’t own so I can see how it was to own one…in a way. Check out the gallery for images of this thing.

Source – Games Radar


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