The First Three DLC Fighters Revealed For Injustice 2


Injustice comes out on the 16th but until then, WB and NetherRealm have released a new trailer that reveals the first three DLC fighters that will hit the game!

Introooducing the three fighters revealed:

Red Hood – Batman’s second protegĂ© that went rogue and took his own path of justice.

Starfire – You may have remembered her from Teen Titans but she is the outcast Tamaran royal.

Sub-Zero – Leader of the Lin Kuei and a man who never seems to miss a Mortal Kombat game these days.

These three fighters will join the fray on May 16th as part of the first fighter DLC pack. 6 more will join down the road and judging by this still

The Mortal Kombat Krossover doesn’t end with Sub-Zero. Looks like we could be getting Raiden too and I wouldn’t be surprised if Sub-Zero’s rival Scorpion follows as well! Check out the trailer and make your own guesses!


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