Comic Books and Video Games have had this relationship, where a video game get made into a comic before the release of the game. Just look at the amount of comics based on Video Games that are out right now. Everything from Metal Gear Solid to Legend of Zelda has a comic book. Well, add the upcoming shooter from Id Software to that list. Rage has a comic and the first issue is out right now at retailers across the nation. It will only have a 3 issue run (mini series) and is written by Arvid Nelson (Rex Mundi & Killer7) and penciled by Andrea Mutti (Ironman vs Whiplash and DMZ) and published by Dark Horse Comics. Take a look at some of the preview pages from the first issue, October 24th is when the game hits stores, so go pick up this comic and then in October pick up the game. Images after the jump!


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