Were you, like thousands of other people, wondering about the games you will have to choose from when the Playstation Vita launches? I know I’m fairly interested in the games that will launch with the Vita next year. This is coming out of Tokyo Game Show as Sony has announced the line-up of games that will launch with Vita later this year in Japan and sometime next year for the US. Here is that line-up:

Ys: Celceta, Sea of Trees
Lord of Apocalypse
Ninja Gaiden: Sigma
Hellís Army
DJ Max Technika
Browser 3 Kingdom
Bass Fishing
F1 2011
Dragonís Crown
God Eater 2
Escape Plan
Sound Shapes
Sawari Makuru
Super Stardust Delta
Reality Fighter 0
Ridge Racer
Zone of the Enders HD Edition
Metal Gear Solid HD Edition

Super Robot Taisen Series
Shin Megami Tensei Series
Gundam Series
Tales of Innocence R

You’ll notice two things with that list, no Little Big Planet or Street Fighter x Tekken along with a lot of other AA to AAA titles that are looking to grace the PS Vita. The other thing you will noticed (as highlighted in bold) are some of the other big name titles they have coming out. The most notable out of that list has to be Ninja Gaiden Sigma, which was a semi-toned down port of Ninja Gaiden 2. The other selling points here would be the Gundam and Shin Megami Tensei Series for the otaku in all of us and to top it off, Metal Gear Solid HD, That last one alone is huge. PS Vita has a Holiday release for Japan and a 2012 release for the US. It will contain two models, a wifi only model for $249 and a wifi and 3G model for $299.

Source – Game Rant


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