Takeaways From Destiny 2’s Gameplay Reveal


Today the guys and girls at Bungie and Activision released a lot of information when they had their gameplay reveal event! Here are some of the takeaways from this event and thoughts!

Let’s get the main stuff out of the way, we know that Destiny 2 is coming out September 8th on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. We’ve had the hint of that humanity is at stake and we’ll be battling to save it. However there is a lot more to it than that.

  • Story

The story for Destiny 2 is a battle for humanity but it’s also a battle for regaining the traveler and the light back to the guardians. We learned that a new boss Gall or Gary (Cayde-6) has in a sense, KIDNAPPED the Traveler and caged him as he believes that the wrong race of being has been granted his light. After the attack on the tower and earth, you won’t be able to return to the tower (At least not yet possibly) and you will be on a rescue mission to find the three vanguards and rescue the light.


  • PVP (Multi-Player)

There were a lot of improvements to the PVP environment announced, this includes the introduction of Clans in-game. While it was a cosmetic thing at first it will be a solid thing now. You will be able to manage your roster, have custom logos and also share loot from every activity you take part in! The other part of this will be helpful for the solo players as there is a new mode called Guided Activities. This will let you choose and clan you want to team up with when you get into a raid or any co-op event that the game won’t allow you to go alone on.

You will get a description of how the clan works and can decide if you want to roll this one time with them or not. This is cool for people like myself as I roll solo a lot in Destiny. This will also help a lot of other solo players who usually got bad randoms in their games.


They teased new modes which, unfortunately i’m not there to get a hand on. However, we did a beta announcement out of it! Later this summer there will be a beta for Destiny 2!

Oh, Almost forgot, New game mode is called “Countdown” which is an attack and defend game mode.

  • Other Improvements

We learned there will be a new map, new way to travel between planets and other types of missions for you to tackle! For instance, it was announced we would see the inclusion of two to three new side mission types that will allow you to immerse yourself. Those modes are, Adventures, Treasure Maps and Lost Sectors. Each of those modes carry something different and will tell it’s own stories through different characters throughout the world.

I mentioned travel right? Well you are no longer going into orbit to travel! You will be able to pick your next destination from the new and improved map they have designed! Okay, i’m partially sad about this because I loved looking at my new ship and having a neutral zone but I understand speed for pleasure. All of those missions and side missions will be labeled in that map so it will be easier for you to go from event to event.

Lastly, new worlds were mentioned. Four new planets, Titan, IO, Nessus and Earth. All four are important to apart of the story and will house something. The first three mentioned are very important as each of the vanguards seem to have gone back or got trapped (in Cayde-6 part). 

Overall, Destiny 2 looks to deliver a lot and will be a vast game with a lot to do. E3 is coming up next month and while we may hear some of the same we may seem some other things leading to the September 8th release date. 


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