Okay Taco Bell isn’t going to just GIVE you a Vita, you have to win it from them. As part of a new promotion, if you go to taco bell and do one of three things, you will be entered into a drawing to win a PlayStation Vita. What are these three ways you ask!? One way is by going into Taco Bell and purchasing the “$5 Buck Box” which will have a code to enter online. Second Way is by playing the Reality Fighters Dojo mini-game in the Taco Bell Mobile app. Third and last way to enter into the sweeps….Submitting a Video or Photo saying what you would do for a PlayStation Vita. I know I will be entering this little sweeps if it means I can get a PlayStation Vita free of charge. Also, the winners will receive the 3G PlayStation Vita with Little Deviants, a 4GB Memory Card and their choice of ModNation Racers, MLB 12 The Show or Little Big Planet.

Source – PlayStation Blog


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