MMA fans who are excited for the upcoming Supremacy MMA game can go out an pre-order it at any local retailer. However, only pre-ordering the game at some places in the UK will get you certain things! For instance, when you pre-order Supremacy MMA from HMV, you get an exclusive venue named “Glass Slipper” which is a strip club..that YOU GET TO FIGHT IN! Nothing like a good mixture of exotic dancing and blood right? When you pre-order from, you get another venue named “Slaughter House”. Yes, blood mixed with more blood, mixed with flying cow meat out of nowhere. From GAME over in the good ol’ UK, you get fighter Shane Del Rosario, who is an undefeated Muay Thai MMA Fighter and was the first american to become WBC Heavyweight Muay Thai Champion. Lastly, from Amazon you get Bao Quach. This Vietnamese-American featherweight who has fought in some of the major companies like Strikeforce, WEC, Affliction and King of the Cage, will be unlockable just by pre-ordering this game through Amazon. Remember, these are all available through UK retailers, and nothing has been announced for the US retailers like GameStop, Best Buy or WalMart. In the meantime, check out the screens and this trailer from each of these exclusives.




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