Bionic Commando as we all know captured us with its fun Multi-Player demo, what we heard in that very demo and for those who got the full retain game. Will hear at anytime they want to, if they purchase the Original Soundtrack to the game announced by Sumthing Else!

BCCover175The Soundtrack contains 20 tracks from the game itself and can be purchased from the and on iTunes. Here is the track listing for it!

1 Main Theme
2 Ascension City Awakening
3 Desertion
4 Flooded
5 Fight Unlimited
6 Enhanced Tunnel Vision
7 Groder’s Anthem
8 Hero of the Past
9 The Laws of Nature
10 From Darkness to Wonder
11 From Trash Till Dawn
12 Project Vulture
13 Preparations
14 The Mohole
15 Road to Ascension
16 Hunters of the FSA
17 The Gauntlet
18 Piano Theme
19 Beyond Dark Skies
20 Adaigo

The sountrack cost $9.99, so I suggest if you like getting video game sountracks. Giving this a LEGAL download!

Norman Rhodes



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