Robin Gets to Roam Arkham City
Joystiq reports that Tim Drake’s Robin will be a playable character in Batman Arkham City if you pre-order the game from Best Buy. This makes 2 other characters playable in Arkham City aside from Catwoman, and I’m very curious to see what Walmart offers as a pre-order incentive, besides the $10 gift card with purchase of the game.

Wii U Games to Cost 50 Dollars
Gamerant, with information from Gamasutra reports that the next Nintendo system named “Wii U” will stay with its $50 price tag for games. I remember the good old days of games that were 50 dollars, ahh, anyways. Some people are looking at this as a good thing for Nintendo to give both Microsoft and Sony a run for their money. However, a lot of us haven’t witnessed just how powerful the Wii U is besides the fact that it has a screen embedded controller.

Grand Theft Auto V is Reality?
A source close to Rockstar or atleast claiming to be close to Rockstar Games has gone on the record, saying that Grand Theft Auto V development is well underway. If this is true, could this be a Wii U launch title and where would this Grand Theft Auto take place? I know of a lot of people who would love to see a present day San Andreas, where ever this game takes place, hopefully the rumor is true and the story is a hell of a lot better than GTAIV. The source also said that the game could be ready for a 2012 release despite that they are putting the finishing touches on the game. Again, this could just be rumor, so treat it as one until an official unveiling happens.


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