There have been crazy numbers thrown around when it comes to the amount of players that can play a game online. MAG pushed the envelope with 265 Players in one match, there are rumors that Battlefield 3 will support 64 Player matches on PC. Now, SSX is throwing their name in the hat of crazy freaking ideas and announced that players can create events with up to 100,000 players playing at one time! ARE YOU SERIOUS BOB DYLAN!? 100,000 Players, that’s insanely awesome and can’t wait to see how that works out. Also announced today were the pre-order incentives for the game for each retailer, here they are:

GameStop – receive legendary SSX character Eddie Wachowski, his Elite snowboard, and a bonus boost
Origin – receive Elise’s Elite snowboard and a bonus boost
Amazon – receive Mac’s Elite snowboard and a bonus boost
Best Buy – receive Zoe’s Elite snowboard and a bonus boost
Wal-Mart – receive Kaori’s Elite snowboard and a bonus boost

SSX will be multi-platform and comes out in 2012.

Source – Joystiq


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