You remember Slamball right? You know that sport that was started back in 2001 and premiered on Spike TV? No? You sure? Let me refresh your memory then. Back in 2002, Spike TV brought to us a full contact, high flying, trampoline using sport called SLAMBALL. Its played on a Slamball court that consist of 8 trampolines, 4 at each end. A player scored by using said trampoline to boost themselves into the air to either, shoot, layup or SLAM the ball in for points. Now these aren’t always used, some of these guys still treat it as Basketball as they like to shoot outside of the trampoline for the downtown shot. The difference between the two sports besides that its full contact, is that its a four on four game, as opposed to the five on five that the NBA has set in regulation. Only after its run on Spike did it air on CSTV, Versus and CBS (currently airing on CBS). It will pick up another network when Family Friendly Cartoon Network picks it up July 11th.

Now I’m not one to judge here but, Slamball, On Cartoon Network? REALLY!? I guess they’re trying to get more people to migrate to this channel that are over the age of 12 and are more the age of 15+. I guess Ted Turner is trying to do something right…but only time will tell with this one. Slamball is a very exciting and innovative concept that has caught the eye of many that has had a chance to watch it. If you haven’t watched it already, your chance comes next month on Cartoon Network, or you can wait for it to show again on CBS?



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