I’m sure with all these web browsers out for PC you really don’t look towards the mobile phone market for variety. Today I give you a new browser for your Windows Mobile phone that kicks all kinds of ass and makes the IE browser a thing of the past. The name of it is Skyfire, currently its in beta for Windows Mobile Phones and two Nokia Phones. This is a FREE download and takes the experience of using a browser on your PC and brings it to your phone. Not just looking at silly mobile versions of websites, but looking at a full website, on your phone. It comes with Flash installed with it, but heres one of the downsides to it. When I tried to test it out on a site like stickam, where it uses flash even for the chat. I couldn’t type anything. Everything else ran fine though. It lets you link your Twitter and Facebook accounts to the homepage and lets you see those updates from twitter. I would like to see a bit more out of that feature, like letting me update from the homepage. One last thing about this browser, its load times are pretty good on heavy sites. It didn’t take too long for a page to load or for a transition from one page to the next to happen. Overall, I like the potential this Browser has compared to this boring ass Internet Explorer on my phone, and look to use it a lot more.

If you’re tired of IE, Switch to Skyfire and enjoy seeing the internet on your phone!


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