The android marketplace is not only one of the best around, but it gives you a lot more things to download. Well, the intention of having open source development on Android was not for the purpose these scammers are using Android for. Android apps like Madden NFL 12, Jetpack Joyride, Pinterest and Batman Arkham City Lockdown are riddled with Malware. The reason, because these are impostor apps put out to install malware on your phones. The bad part about this scam, is that they’re using the name of Angry Bird developer Rovio Mobile to possibly sneak past the security checks, how ridiculous right? The intentions of the apps are to get you to download the apps so it can collect your info and spam your inbox. Going to be honest, I just got a shiny new iPhone 4S, you have to hope that not only the makers of these phones, but the maker of the OS strengthen their security on these devices. Until then, please watch what you download from the android marketplace and make sure YOU aren’t a victim of this very bad scam.

Source – Gizmodo via Android Police


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