Harmonix announced more DLC for Rock Band 3 today, adding 6 new songs from 5 different artists. This new DLC will feature songs from Phish, Culture Club, Stone Temple Pilots, Loverboy and Faith No More. Two of these 5 bands already have songs featured on Rock Band, and with these additions to the library, it will only make this game even more fun! Here are the songs that are being added to the Rock Band DLC library:

Culture Club – “Do You Really Want to Hurt Me”
Faith No More – “From Out of Nowhere”
Loverboy – “Working for the Weekend” X
Phish – “Stash” X
Phish – “Tweezer”
Stone Temple Pilots – “Big Bang Baby”

(X = Will include Pro Guitar and Pro Bass Upgrade for .99)

Each song will cost you $2 (160 MS Points/200 Wii Points) and will be available on May 3rd for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii.


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