Credit: Kotaku

NBOS may be late on the news that broke last week in terms of explanation of the DLC coming out for Resident Evil 5, But I feel its necessary to post this little tidbit now. Capcom explained the reason behind pricing the DLC that will add a Versus Multiplayer Mode that contains two gametypes. Slayer and Survivor, the DLC will cost 400MS Points or 4.99USD on PSN. When asked about it Capcom gave the following statement:

“Although Versus mode makes use of the assets that exist in the game, the functionality is not currently in the game and is above and beyond the initial scope of Resident Evil 5,” says Capcom. “We have never included a Versus mode in Resident Evil before, and as well as the costs of development of the feature, there’s also additional bandwidth costs associated with it.”

Be ready to shove out that money for the MS Points or just shoving out money period to get this DLC when it drops.


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