I will be one of the few people who will sit here and say, I didn’t believe there was another Modern Warfare game in development. Well, after seeing these details, consider me convinced about the next installment of the Modern Warfare franchise being real. First off, today details on Single Player, Spec Ops & Multiplayer were revealed on GameRant. Starting with Single Player, you will be taking over from where Modern Warfare 2 left you and you will be doing missions from New York to London, Paris, Dubai and some other locations not mentioned yet. The characters you played as (that survived of course) you will see again in this installment as well as a Russian Federal Protective Services agent and SAS Operative. You will also have the ability to use vehicles during this campaign. You have two new characters named Frost and Sandman joining Delta Force, and the single player campaign is suppose to be 15 missions. This story will be the last of its “arc” and if there is a Modern Warfare 4, it will probably be a different story.

Moving on to Spec-Ops and Multiplayer, Spec-Ops returns with two modes Survival and Mission, Survival pretty much meaning you’re facing wave after wave of enemies. Mission meaning you will probably go through the same thing you went through in Modern Warfare 2. It could also mean that they’ll finally have co-op in the story finally. Multiplayer is a beast of a different color however. The game will ship with 32 Maps in total for multi-player and will feature DESTRUCTIBLE ENVIRONMENTS. 20 of those maps will be in rotation for matchmaking, 5 for the spec ops survival and 7 spec-ops mission maps. Here are some of the maps listed for play during multi-player:

– Alpha
– Alps
– Bootleg
– Bravo
– Brooklyn
– Carbon *
– Coast
– Dome *
– Exchange
– Hardhat
– Interchange
– Lambeth
– Meteora
– Mogadishu
– Paris
– Plaza 2
– Radar *
– Seatown *
– Underground
– Village *
* Maps are also featured in Spec-Ops Survival Mode

Here are the maps for Spec Ops Mission Mode:
– Civilian Rescue
– Flood the Market
– Invisible Threat
– Little Bro’s
– Out of Africa
– No Fly Zone
– Wing Man

With all of this information being leaked out just before E3 next month, you have to wonder what Activision will do. However, this just got me a little excited for the next game, with the inclusion of destructible environments, I might have to take back my comments on Battlefield 3. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is set to hit all major home consoles, November 8, 2011.
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UPDATE: Post updated with a teaser released earlier today!


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