COD World at War PC MP Beta….it fails…why you say? I can’t play it, now not for the reasons you’re thinking, my Dell Inspiron came equipped to run Vista (which I recently downgraded from). I have a AMD 64 Athlon X2 4400+ which is better than the minimum requirement they have up for an AMD processor. I have 3GB of Ram and you’re telling me, I will continuously get errors on the first day of download this beta? Well punch me in the dick for Pete sakes and call me George because this is ridiculous.

What I expect out of a beta, is that when I download it…I can start playing it immediately after downloading. Not go through problems and have to wait a day or two to be convinced if I should possibly buy this game when it hits stores or say “FUCK YOU”. Thats just my opinion though, i’ll wait…but I aint gonna like it.

– Norm


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