Hey, have you heard this one before? “Wrestling is fake!” So have you? Well if you’re a wrestling fan you’ve probably heard it about 20-30 times by now. It starts with you (the wrestling fan) walking down the street with some type of wrestling memorabilia on and ends with some random guy who’s probably down on his luck so to make himself feel better…he blurts out the following..”WRESTLING IS FAKE YOU FAG!”. So what do you do in this type of situation? Usually I would laugh and keep walking, but the usual die hard fan would defend it to the depths of nether realm.

Look, its okay to have an opinion on the sport that is Wrestling, but don’t come up to me..a 20 year old who, by now, has been told that wrestling is in fact staged..fake…whatever you want to call it. This is nothing new to me, the first person to tell me was…my own mother. Her story was, when I look back on it, pretty funny. Her Father (My Grandfather) took her to a wrestling match (as it was called back then, but now known as a house show) and was able to go backstage. During this period of her life my Grandfather worked the Capitol Grounds as a Policeman. So they go backstage and to her surprise..the very same guys who were in the ring beating the ever loving god out of each other…were laughing, having a good time, exchanging stories about the family. This crushed her and she started to cry, now, I didn’t go through this stage to find out. I would find out in what your say…the hard way.

It’s very normal by now that the Attitude Generation of wrestling fans know that wrestling isnt entirely real. Although the matches are predetermined, and most kicks and punches are very much telegraphed to look real, the wear and tear on the body is very real. We’re talking about guys who day in and day out get in the ring to entertain a wide amount of fans, young and old. So, the next time you’re about to blurt out that one phrase…just stop. Think about it. We already know. In terms of why people watch wrestling…well thats another blog for another time.


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