To celebrate the release of the Standard Edition of BlazBlue tomorrow, I decided to give you a top 5 list of my favorite BlazBlue characters!

#5 Bang Shishigami – After losing their home in the Ikaruga Civil War, Bang and his clan of ninjas fled to Kagutsuchi to regroup and wait for a chance to restore their homeland to its former glory. One reason this guy is #5 on my list is because of his over the top power up move that comes equipped with an awesome theme when its activated. He starts moving at almost lightspeed and as if he’s super sayin, starts glowing yellow.


#4 Arakune – His body teeming with thousand of insects, Arakune walks a path corrupted by magic. Arakune may be a bit…awkward, but don’t let this guy curse you or it could be all over. The reason he makes me list is because of the many different ways he has to trap you into a corner then unleash absolute hell on you. Also, if you don’t know how to stop anyone using this guy its pretty much lights out.


#3  Rachel Alucard -  Rachel is the current head of the Alucard vampire familty. She lives a rather mundane life in her castle with only her butler and pets for company. The awesome thing about Rachel, she has both ranged and close quarter moves. She can beat you with her rods, in which she can activate to shock you at anytime, or she can shock you up close with her cat of magical power. She’s a vicious little girl that lives a life of privilege as a vampire and is just waiting to make someone her female dog.


#2 Ragna The Bloodedge – The SS-Class criminal known as the “Grim Reaper”. He fights endlessly against the government, determined to destroy them. Ragna is your typical hot headed bad ass, plus I don’t think you want to get on his bad side to the point he hits you with the black onslaught. Anyone that knows how to use Ragna right online will definitely hand you your ass. Otherwise, he’s just too awesome to put lower than 2.


#1 Jin Kisaragi  – Before I put his story up, I already know what you’re thinking. “WHY WASN’T RAGNA #1!? YOU BIG MEANIE!” I’ll let you know in a bit. A major in the Praetorian Guard, the Librarium’s top military unit, Jin is the youngest soldier to ever be awarded the title of “Hero”. For those who don’t know, Jin, and Ragna, are brothers. In Ragna’s story, Jin cuts off Ragna’s arm, anyone, that can someone dismember any body part from a beast of a guy like Ragna, deserves the number 1 spot in my favs. Not only that, this is probably the only person I don’t run into much while playing online. Its either Ragna, or V-13, either way, Jin has a swag about him that just screams that he wants something more than what he has now. Plus, anyone that can freeze you in place and have his way with you afterwards will pretty much get the W when you use him online.


That’s it, my top 5 favorite BlazBlue characters. Expect the review to follow before tomorrow.


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