As everyone heard yesterday, Sony had its press conference at GamesCon. With the rumors of Price Cuts and the PS3 Slim in the air once again going in to this press conference, Sony was left with the task once again of either letting us down like at E3 or delivering the great news. Sony delivered, and now, effective right now as we speak, PS3 is only 299.99 and 399.99 for its 80 and 160 gig systems. It didn’t stop there though, Sony announced the HIGHLY rumored PS3 Slim, which will be available September 1st! One word described how I felt when I got home late last night, OVERJOYED! This is a move Sony SHOULD have made during E3, yet, they make it now. I understand why now, because when reports hit out that manufacturing cost were down by 70% for the PS3, Gamers who wanted this gaming system so bad, called for a price drop to happen. Quite possibly even DEMANDING it. This was a smart move by Sony, who decided to put their money where their mouths are. Not only will this get consoles moving out of retailers, but this will also make back A LOT of money that Sony lost in due time. Speaking as someone who works in retail, THANK YOU, speaking as a gamer, OMG THANK YOU SONY. The saving spree, I’m about to go on will be one for the ages to get me a PS3 Slim or 80GB System.


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