First off, this is probably my first real blog post that involves me actually thinking instead of doing some rants about something I don’t like. I know its crazy, people who like to express THOUGHT…ON A BLOG…THE WORLD WILL IMPLODE! Anyways, I mainly made this to get some of the games I’m really excited for thats coming out soon. Starting off with…Fallout 3, This game not only looks fantastic, but it looks like all kinds of fun to play. I mean what other game gives you the option to create a deadly teddy bear cannon…no game I tell you…NO OTHER GAME!

Another Game i’m ready to get my hands on, Fifa 09. I know what you’re thinking…”A soccer game Norm…really?” and I would answer “Yes, a soccer game….really”. There is nothing wrong with watching…or in this case, playing a soccer game like Fifa. Actually, if you put this game up against games like Madden and NBA Live, this game is supremely better. Gameplay is very stable and it holds more content than any Madden or Live game any year. This year they decided to capitalize on some of its key game features. For one, when I had Fifa 08 I found the “Be A Pro” mode awesome, especially online (if you had other good players on the same team), This year it will be 10 on 10…you heard right, 10 on 10 Gameplay in Be A Pro. That excites me that i’ll have 5 other people I know, playing along side me at every position. As well as online, they’ve added Be A Pro: Season into the game, which made its debut on the PC Version of FIFA 08. So I can’t wait to take control of my own player and work to become captain of the team, or get selected to the International Team for a Friendly.

Another Game, Saints Row 2. I didn’t play the first one, but I heard some good things about it. Upon hearing they were making number two, I have kept my eye on this game through IGN. What i’ve seen is enough for me to go out and pre-order this game. The simple fact, you can throw someone 50 feet to their death, or want to run around in your birthday suit and streak…YOU CAN DO THAT TO..imagine it…walking around online and some random guy runs up to you and sticks his crotch in your face. I’m sure that won’t end well, but it will be a moment that laughter fills Xbox Live from that occurance.

One more game I’ll talk about…its a given…Gears Of War 2. Another game I didn’t play part 1 of, but will play part 2 because of just how awesome this game looks and plays. Its insane that I will go up against many horde members on one map. I’m sure I’ll probably catch up on part 1 before I get number 2, but this game looks like a buy right now, and can’t wait till it comes out to cut someone in half with a chainsaw gun.

Thats’s pretty much my two cents on everything. Hope you enjoyed, and since i’m lazy…don’t expect much lol.


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