With the release of the new dashboard update for Xbox 360 that has the latest addition of their Games On Demand. It got me thinking, with all of these games they’re going to give us through this, how would we continuously store all these great games!? Being that downloading is pretty much the present and future of not only Music and Movies, but Gaming. I think it would be time for Microsoft to step up and give us another option of a bigger harddrive for our Xbox 360’s. Sure, 120GB is cool until all of the downloads catch up with you, and I’m one person that likes to put nearly EVERY game onto my harddrive to make sure no scratches or hiccups happen.

With games ranging from anywhere between 4GB to 8GB, soon not even the 120GB harddrive will be able to contain all of these games. How to solve this you say? Bring out anywhere between 200-400GB Harddrive, or offer a service where people can send in their harddrives and have them upgraded by Microsoft for a fee. These are ways that the XBOX 360 can not only show the PS3 who’s boss without having the major power under the hood. Being able to upgrade your harddrive on PS3 is one of its biggest pluses, and is one of the easiest things to do. So, Microsoft, Step up your game and give us something worth talking about that isnt avatars or dashboard updates.

Norman Rhodes



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