I’ll keep the intro short and to the point this week. The handshake,
I know most of tired of hearing about it (I know I am) but, it will probably
be talked about for the rest of the season. I didn’t hear anything from either
coach but Jim Harbaugh was a little too excited and a pat on the back turned
into a little shove. I don’t like picking side but I do think Jim Schwartz
overreacted to the whole ordeal. What do you think about the handshake? Now to the scores:

Buffalo Bills (4-2) 24 at New York Giants (4-2) 27
This was probably one of the best games this weekend next to the 49ers at the Lions. Both teams actually did relatively good but the Bill’s turnovers is what cost them the game. One more thing, Ahmad Bradshaw had 21 of the Giants’ 27

Indianapolis Colts (0-6) 17 at Cincinnati Bengals (4-2) 27
If you looked at this matchup last year you would have not expected this outcome. The Colts were off to a slow start in this game as the Bengals just jumped ahead. In the second half however Curtis Painter did try to rally the offense and did bring them up to field goal away from tying the game. Sadly for the  Colts the underrated Bengals defense stripped the ball from Pierre Garcon to  score a touchdown and end any hope of the Colts being 1-5. Andy Dalton is  playing to compete with Cam Newton for Offensive Rookie of The Year in my opinion. Cam Newton may have a couple hundred more yards but,
he also has 5 more interceptions than Dalton.

Jacksonville Jaguars (1-5) 13 at Pittsburgh Steelers (4-2) 17
What a team to go against your birthday Blaine Gabbert. This game was a lot  closer than I expected. We finally got to see the Rashard Mendenhall we expected as he had 146 yards and a touchdown. The Steelers definitely aren’t as good as
they were last year and it doesn’t help that Troy Polamalu left this game with a concussion.

Philadelphia Eagles (2-4) 20 at Washington Redskins (3-2) 13
This game was a must-win for the Eagles and they came away with it thanks to  two people. Those people were Rex Grossman and his apparent new-favorite  receiver, Kurt Coleman. The Eagles just took off and kept the lead for the
whole game. Of course they let a touchdown slip to John Beck in the fourth  quarter because it’s what they do. Hopefully for Redskins fans, Mike Shanahan will start John Beck over Grossman as he is going back to old habits.

San Francisco 49ers (5-1) 25 at Detroit Lions (5-1) 19
Easily best game of the week, you can argue its one of the best games of the year so far. Just going to skip over the handshake stuff since that’s in the  intro. Both coaches have really turned their teams around, 49ers have been bad
for a while now and the Lions only had 1 win a couple of years ago. The opposite of both team’s offenses are kind of funny to me. The 49ers have a good run offense and a not-so-good pass attack while the Lions are the opposite of that. I like
what Jim Harbaugh is doing with the 49ers, he’s almost bringing them back to their 90’s glory.

St. Louis Rams (0-5) 3 at Green Bay Packers (6-0) 24
Alright, let’s be honest here, everyone knew the Rams were going to lose this game. Aaron Rodgers is playing very good football right now and I knew the Rams defense would not be able to stop him. He threw for 300+ yards again this game but, Sam Bradford also did as he actually had one of his best games of the season so far. Who knows maybe with the addition of Brandon Lloyd, the Rams will actually have a dependable receiver for Bradford to throw to.

Carolina Panthers (1-5) 17 at Atlanta Falcons (3-3) 31
The Falcons were set on running the ball down the throats of the Panthers of the game. Michael Turner had 27 carries for 139 yards and 2 touchdowns. Even Matt Ryan didn’t have that bad of a game even though he threw for under 200 yards. In any Panthers game you always have to talk about one person, Cam Newton. He came down to earth a little bit in this game throwing 3 interceptions and he only had 1 touchdown the whole game.

Cleveland Browns (2-3) 17 at Oakland Raiders (4-2) 24
This was another emotional game for the Raiders as it was their first home game since the passing of owner, Al Davis. Neither offense really got started but the Raiders had Darren McFadden so they obviously were easier to get going. Unfortunately for the Raiders, they lost Jason Cambell for the season due to a broken collarbone in this game. They did get another quarter via trade, a little guy named Carson Palmer. He might be what the Raiders to have a better passing game and ultimately turn them into an elite team.

Houston Texans (3-3) 14 at Baltimore Ravens (4-1) 29
The Texans really miss Andre Johnson and Mario Williams now. Their offense couldn’t really get going in this game because the Ravens defense held back Arian Foster and Andre Johnson was out. It also didn’t help how good their offense was doing, Ray Rice had a 100+ rushing yards and Joe Flacco threw for 300+ yards. Is this year the Ravens finally take over to their division?

New Orleans Saints (4-2) 20 at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-2) 26
There is the Josh Freeman we though we knew from last season. He had 303 yards and 2 touchdowns which was his best performance of the season so far. Earnest Graham made a very good ballot for the starting running back job. He had 109 rushing yards on 17 carries, with his performance there might be a split role with Legarette Blount when he returns.  Also, move over Tom Brady, Drew Brees just broke a record too. He had his fourth consecutive 350-yard game,  but he also threw 3 interceptions in this game.

Dallas Cowboys (2-3) 16 at New England Patriots (5-1) 20
This game was definitely a battle between the quarterbacks, they even had the same passes attempts and completions. Tony Romo had the better game though as he threw for more yards and one less interception. Tom Brady did throw a touchdown with 22 seconds left to win the game though. Wes Welker had his first game where he didn’t have ridiculous numbers and the lead receiver was Rob Gronkowski. Is this the Patriots coming back to earth or just a one game thing?

Minnesota Vikings (1-5) 10 at Chicago Bears (3-3) 39
The Bears had this game as soon as they stopped Adrian Peterson aka the Vikings only offensive weapon. Devin Hester on the other hand scored 2 touchdowns all by himself. He ran back a kick to take over the record for most return touchdowns. Donovan McNabb didn’t finish this game as he was benched for the Christian Ponder. Donovan McNabb’s season as the starter for the Vikings is done and so is his time on the Vikings probably.

Miami Dolphins (0-5) at New York Jets (3-3) 24
The Dolphins actually looked a lot better than the Jets did in the first half, but then Darelle Revis put his foot down. He brought back a pick 6 100 yards to push the momentum for the Jets. Mark Sanchez then threw a touchdown and rushed one in. Once again though, the Jets probably wouldn’t have won this game if weren’t for the defense.


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