Fallout: New Vegas is getting new content to expand your Fallout experience. Bethesda has announced two add-ons that will release for both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 at the same time starting with “Honest Hearts” on May 17th and following that will be “Old World Blues” in†June and one more in July named “Lonesome Road”. This will make 3 official add-ons for New Vegas following the first one named “Dead Money”. Before we go too far though, lets halt, and talk about Honest Hearts, Old World Blues & Lonesome Road.

Honest Hearts takes players to Zion National Park in Utah where war has broken out between a New Canaanite missionary and the Mysterious Burned Man. Old World Blues, you’ll get kidnapped and play the role of a lab rat in some experiments that might answer the question of where some of the Mohave’s mutants come from. Lonesome Road brings the story full circle as you are contacted by the original courier six. This guy refused to deliver the platinum chip and you’ll get his reason why and more with this add-on. All three of these add-ons will be 800 Microsoft Points or $10 PSN.


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