So over the past couple days or so, Gears of War 2 has been eating up my time and on top of that, I haven’t thought of much to blog about. That is soon to stop and be replaced by thinking of new shiz to write about! Tomorrow (Technically today) I go down to gamestop to pick up Smackdown vs Raw 2009 for 360, the following week I should finish up Gears 2 and put up a review, a review for Smackdown the following day after that possibly and a review on the NXE whenever I can get my hands on that (which will be the sametime as the rest of Xbox Live that wasn’t selected for the Preview (beta) program.

There will be some new blogs about Sports, TV, Gaming, etc, most of which will be typed out instead of done in audio and video format. One last thing before I end this and go off to bed…I love you all (no homo) and have a safe Sunday along with another safe week and keep your eyes locked here for more stuff coming soon!


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