New Jersey Nets vs Orlando Magic
Final: 78-94
Top Scorer(s)
Brooks – NJN – 17 PTS
Anderson – ORL – 22 PTS
Best Highlight:
ORL – Richardson For The Alley-Oop

San Antonio Spurs vs Houston Rockets
Final: 85-105
Top Scorer(s)
Blair – SAS – 22 PTS
Martin – HOU – 25 PTS
Best Highlight:
SAS – Ginobili Hustle
HOU – Lowery Fadeaway Jumper Over Two Guys

Dallas Mavericks vs Oklahoma City Thunder (TNT)
Final: 102-104
Top Scorer(s)
Nowitzki – DAL – 29 PTS
Durant – OKC – 30 PTS
Best Highlight:
DAL – Steal and Score
OKC – Durant Doing Work

Chicago Bulls vs Sacramento Kings
Final: 108-98
Top Scorer(s)
Rose – CHI – 19 PTS
Thornton – SAC – 20 PTS
Best Highlight:
CHI – Noah Steals And Takes It To The Hoop Himself
SAC – Cousins Goes Under and Up For The Jam

Denver Nuggets vs Portland Trailblazers
Final: 102-111
Top Scorer(s)
Lawson – DEN – 25 PTS
Matthews – POR – 25 PTS
Best Highlight:
DEN – Blazing Speed
POR – Don’t You Like Seeing Good Teamwork?

New York Knicks vs Los Angeles Lakers (TNT)
Final: 82-99
Top Scorer(s)
Anthony – NYK – 27 PTS
Bryant – LAL – 28 PTS
Best Highlight:
LAL – Kobe Being Kobe
Bonus: Kobe With A Long Bank Shot

Upcoming Games 12/30 (11 Games)

7PM Game(s)
Orlando Magic vs Charlotte Bobcats
Cleveland Cavaliers vs Indiana Pacers

7:30PM Game(s)
New Jersey Nets vs Atlanta Hawks

8PM Game(s)
Houston Rockets vs Memphis Grizzlies
Phoenix Suns vs New Orleans Hornets (NBA TV)
Miami Heats vs Minnesota Timberwolves

8:30PM Game(s)
Washington Wizards vs Milwaukee Bucks
Toronto Raptors vs Dallas Mavericks

9PM Game(s)
Philadelphia 76ers vs Utah Jazz

10:30PM Game(s)
Chicago Bulls vs Los Angeles Clippers


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