Quick Note: The Score Sheet is going to move to a mid-week round-up of all of the scores from around the NBA starting next week. We will recap from Sunday to Wednesday and Thursday to Saturday. So overall, we will have 2 score sheets a week.
Atlanta Hawks vs New Jersey Nets
Final: 106-70
Top Scorer(s)
Radmanovic – ATL – 17 PTS
Brooks – NJN – 17 PTS
Best Highlight:
ATL – Zaza Jams It

Boston Celtics vs Miami Heat (TNT)
Final: 107-115
Top Scorer(s)
Allen – BOS – 28 PTS
James – MIA – 26 PTS
Best Highlight:
MIA – Defense Leads To Offense

Minnesota Timberwolves vs Milwaukee Bucks
Final: 95-98
Top Scorer(s)
Love – MIN – 31 PTS
Jennings – MIL – 24 PTS
Best Highlight:
MIN – Big Man Dunking It Down Low
MIL – Little Man, Big Dunk

Sacramento Kings vs Portland Trailblazers
Final: 79-101
Top Scorer(s)
Cousins – SAC – 16 PTS
Wallace – POR – 25 PTS
Best Highlight:
SAC – King Me
POR – Defense to Offense

Utah Jazz vs Los Angeles Lakers (TNT)
Final: 71-96
Top Scorer(s)
Millsap – UTA – 18 PTS
Bryant – LAL – 26 PTS
Best Highlight:
UTA – Spillage
LAL – The Lake Show

Upcoming Games 12/28 (10 Games) 6PM Game(s)
Indiana Pacers vs Toronto Raptors

7PM Game(s)
Miami Heat vs Charlotte Bobcats

7:30PM Game(s)
Washington Wizards vs Atlanta Hawks
Cleveland Cavaliers vs Detroit Pistons

8PM Game(s)
Oklahoma City Thunder vs Memphis Grizzlies (NBA TV)
Boston Celtics vs New Orleans Hornets

8:30PM Game(s)
Los Angeles Clippers vs San Antonio Spurs

9PM Game(s)
Utah Jazz vs Denver Nuggets
Philadelphia 76ers vs Phoenix Suns

10:30PM Game(s)
New York Knicks vs Golden State Warriors (NBA TV)


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