Today, by way of Joystiq via Team Xbox, I have discovered the motherload of all collectors editions for a sports game. If you want, go down to gamestop, or gamecrazy or amazon, where ever you get your games from. Pre-Order NBA 2k10’s Collectors edition, and I’ll tell you why in the image, after the jump!

Full Res Image

In this collectors edition of NBA 2k10, you’re getting a freaking LOCKER, THAT CAN STORE 20 GAMES, 19 if you want to already count the NBA 2k10 game thats already in that same locker. Even if you’re not a sports fan, or fan of sports games, this has to intrigue you a little bit. What might be the price of this, $99.99, this collectors that includes the cover athlete’s figurine and poster will be announced Tuesday Morning according to Team Xbox. for more details visit the link. I think you’re definitely getting more bang for your buck than when the Collectors edition for Madden 2009 came out and I’m thinking of getting this because of how awesome this sounds.


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