Believe it! Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 is here and ready to deliver that rasengan to your XBOX360 and PS3 console. Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 is the sequel in the series that started out on the Playstation 3. While this time they’ve made it available for both systems and added online to it, you also have a chance to replay through some of the biggest fights in the animated series. With the addition of online play, you have a chance to finally face off against your friends without them being AT YOUR HOUSE. So, does Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 pack a punch or uses a substitution jutsu to escape embarrassment?

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2
Playstation 3 & Xbox 360
1-2 Players/Online Multiplayer
Developer: Cyber Connect 2 Co., Ltd.
Publisher: Namco Bandai Games America Inc.
ESRB Rating: T For Teen
Price: $59.99

Story (Ultimate Adventure Mode): There are only two games that let you play through a series of arcs from the show. Dragon Ball: Raging Blast and this game. The story takes place during the current series of Shippuden where Naruto has grown up a bit after going through a 3 year training period with legendary genin Jiriya aka Pervy Sage. What makes this story good in the game is the fact that you are playing nearly every episode from beginning of Shippuden to some of the current battles of the current episodes going on now. Yeah, that’s right… You get to play the battle of the brothers between Sasuke and Itachi. However, the story can drag a bit when in-between missions get a bit boring.

Online: This is the first time that this game has had Multiplayer for it. Even though it’s your simple Ranked Match and Player Match options, it’s still a pretty solid online component. It doesn’t lag too much and just like in Street Fighter, you can find matches by searching who has a good connection.

Graphics: The graphics are well done in this game. It is like watching the show with 3D characters. The environments also look good and it really delivers the feel of the storyline that’s going on in front of you.

Controls: The controls are easy to pick up and even people who have never played a Naruto game can get into it. I do however see how this will be a button masher with some of the new players to the series. You will learn how to effectively play this game through without the need of button mashing.

Middle Ground
Unlockables: You have two ways to unlock characters. Either through spending SP or by going through adventure mode. What you will realize is that going through adventure mode unlocks pretty much everybody to use in the Free Battle Mode.

English Dialogue: I’m not a big fan of the English dubs when it comes to anime. Either it’s unbearable to listen to or the person they pick to voice a character should just be shot. However, they have the Japanese Voice option in the game so you have a choice.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 is a great game for Naruto fans and fighting game fans alike. It brings an ongoing story into the digital world and does a pretty good job at giving you some of the most important moments in one game. If you are a big Naruto fan, you should get this game.

Overall Rating: 4/5


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