It looks like multiplayer for Mass Effect 3 might be a go after all, we’ve heard yes, no and maybe. But according to the cover of Xbox World magazine we clearly see “New Levels AND Multiplayer!”. What type of co-op might we have? Maybe a brief prequel campaign where you play as soldiers on Earth before Shepards arrival, similar to the structure Splinter Cell: Conviction had with the Archer and Kestrel co-op campaign. It’s difficult to tell at the time, looks like we’ll just have to pick the latest issue and find out for ourselves.


“Well, if you believe the rumours – which we certainly do – Mass Effect 3 will have multiplayer. According to various sources, there will be a batch of 3 player co-op missions that run parallel to the main story, with each player assuming the role of a single squad mate. It seems likely that this will happen, and it’ll form part of EA’s Online Pass system. However developers have been known to ditch multiplayer during development in the past, if it doesn’t work…” (Quote from the magazine)- Cited from a NeoGaf member who has picked up the issue of Xbox World.

So what we have is a… Rumor. Who knows maybe they’ll make good with this elusive co-op mode. I wouldn’t get my hopes up though.


Grab a look at the cover below.

Source — Joystiq

Source — VG24/7


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