For all you madden gamers out there looking to possibly get this Special 20th anniversary edition of Madden NFL 2009, read this and think about it. Lets really look at this one compared to all of the special edition releases of games that have been released so far this year.

Rainbow Six Vegas 2

Grand Theft Auto 4

Halo 3 (ok not this year but not far off from 08)

and then the games this will compete with like

Gears of War 2

Can you tell me, that I am going to spend 80dollars on not only getting Madden but NFL Head Coach 09!? Well, EA, most be smoking something. NFL Head Coach was a very innovative game that scored decent on IGN with a 7.2, but really? Why not add it as an extra feature or game mode that we can play in Madden…like football fans of the game have probably desperately asked for! Now I do understand that the unlucky masses that bought the first NFL Head Coach and ACTUALLY LIKED IT. Might say “Hey, give this game a try this year, its going to be better” but why waste money on a game I probably won’t play or end up trading in like every game I get bored of? There is no point in doing so.

I also understand that there will be some other exclusive content that has always been done in Special Edition games before it. They stick in some videos, a possible soundtrack, and you spend 80 bucks on bonus disk full of nothing and the game. I have some suggestions for you EA, PUT ME A REDSKINS JERSEY IN THAT 20th ANNIVERSARY EDITION AND I’LL INSTA-BUY! Seriously, if this game was offering a custom team jersey with your name on the back of it or a replica team helmet, I would have no problem with shoving out 80 bucks, but the fact is, some unlucky sap will buy it, and will probably regret it. Until then though, I’ll bring you the blow by blow this August when Madden NFL 09 is released.


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