Remember when Street Fighter 4 came out and the buzz about a limited edition Fight Pad, Tournament Stick and Arcade Stick were announced? Well, From a press release at Mad Catz, they will be releasing a “Limited Edition” Comic-Con Tournament Edition Fight Stick and Fight Pad to be sold at the convention.


On a positive note, if you’re going to comic con and were looking to get one of the two items, or BOTH, this is your opportunity. The Tournament Edition: Fight Stick and Fight Pads will be sold exclusively at the capcom booth 22-26th and will be limited to 250 units per console for the Tournament Fight Sticks and 500 units per console for the Fight Pads. When I say per console I mean PS3 and Xbox 360, just to clarify. Now while we don’t have a screen shot of what the Comic Con Exclusive artwork for the pads and fight sticks look like, be well informed its going to look different from what you see in the photo above. Mad Catz and Capcom have worked closely together to make sure we all who are attending comic con, buy a very awesome product. Here’s a Quote from the Art Director at Mad Catz about the pad and sticks to end the article.

“When we set out creating the Limited Edition artwork we knew that we had to create an impactful design that was radically different from the previous imagery and color schemes. With that in mind we chose not to concentrate on a group of characters but instead produce something targeted to the fan community. After working through a number of designs, we focused on one of the strongest ‘fan-favorite’ characters in the game, Sagat. The character is renowned for his large scar which game legend tells us was caused by archrival Ryu. In my mind, playing Street Fighter® IV evokes the player’s competitive nature, with rivalry a key element of the experience.”

– Norman Rhodes

NBOS Founder


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