john-madden-thumbToday, A legend in Football and Gaming has decided to hang up the old microphone. John Madden is well known to football fans and gamers a like. For the football gamers, he’s known through the Madden NFL Football Series that has been the dominating force for over 20 years. To the football fans, You’ve either seen Madden on the sidelines coaching the Raiders or in the booth as a Football Analyst every Sunday on NBC. John Madden has also been inducted into the Football Hall Of Fame in Canton, Ohio and will forever be remembered for that one catchphrase you heard after a big hit on the old madden games “BOOM”. With this retirement, some will feel relieved, some will feel like a part of them is gone. For that Majority, We wish Madden the best of health and luck in retirement and hope to see the madden games continue on even after he’s left football.


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