Remember back in August when the teaser for Borderlands 2 was released, it showed off the Gunzerker which is that dual wielding maniac that makes everything right in the world. Well Gearbox has released some info on this class to the people at IGN. This class seems like its going to be serious business, why you ask? Because I can use an electric machine gun to drop my enemies shields and use a flaming shotgun to melt them into goo. I believe that sounds like a serious business class, on second thought it sounds like a seriously bad ass business class.

You want more info about this class? How about having three skill trees for the Gunzerker and one of them being containing a skill called “Yippe Ki Yay” and you can finish that with MFer if you want but that just makes me squeal with joy like a 12 year-old girl at a Justin Beiber concert. While Anthony Burch points out that the Gunzerkers Rampage Skill Tree is filled with movie quotes (which I can’t wait to see the rest of) there are still two other skill trees to talk about. Have you heard on a television show how the mob boss is usually the brains of the operation and his bodyguard is the brawn? Well that’s the next skill tree we’re talking about, because Brawn lets you learn the “Come At Me, Bro” Skill which lets you taunt enemies to bring attention onto yourself. This works for everybody involved because the Gunzerker acquires full health upon use of the taunt but also gets a ton of damage reduction for several seconds. I think that is a great skill that can also help out during the co-op aspect of the game.

The third and last skill tree for the Gunzerker is named “Gun Lust” which apparently is all about doing crazy or interesting things with guns…or so says Burch. This skill tree contains a skill that is called “No Kill Like Overkill” and I would stop there and say its self explanatory…but its not. This skill can be used at anytime when you kill an enemy and any extra damage dealt to that enemy will be converted into health for you character. So if you’re low on health and need some, just continue killing the ever-loving shanana out of him.

Just by knowing this bit of information makes me glow with excitement for this game, I can’t wait to get my hands on this game at either E3 or Comic-Con or when it’s released next year for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Source – IGN


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