It has been quite some time since Rockstar released a trailer for their upcoming Open-World Sandbox game Grand Theft Auto V. Information has been limited and we’ve been left to ponder what the game will be like when it’s possibly shown at E3 this year. Today, one analyst by the name of Sterne Agee predicted that Grand Theft Auto V will be released sometime in early 2013. This prediction was based on a feeling that it will provide Rockstar extra time to develop and polish the game, but also give them a potential window to launch the game on Nintendo’s new Wii U console. I along with everyone else will keep an eye on this one to see if he’s correct, at the same time we can expect to see more from Grand Theft Auto V at this year’s E3. We will probably get an exact date or a release window for the game.

Source – VG24/7


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