funlogoAs of May 1, If your cable company carries Video On Demand (VOD), you might want to give it a look and check out the newest addition to its possibly awesome lineup. Funimation who is known to hold some good animes like “Beck”, has its own channel and has finally brought their VOD Channel to some of the major cable companies. From watching the “What’s New” video, Its going to offer its library of anime for free and for a price. Let me explain further, its offering some of the animes that have been out there for a while and already released on DVD for FREE, while stuff than hasn’t hit DVD yet will be offered at a price of .99cents. While I don’t agree with that way of pricing your customer, it’ll do to compete with Anime Network who as well is operating their own VOD Channel. Right now the Funimation VOD Channel is availiable for Comcast, Verizon FiOS, and Dish Network. You can also go to their site at to find out the listing and find out if they have their 24/7 channel on your lineup!

P.S. I know i’m late hush.


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