Free Agency is coming up, and already there are rumors to what player is going where. For starters, Albert Haynesworth was rumored to sign with the Washington Redskins to a 100mil Dollar contract which his agent quickly squashed on, saying that the Redskins along with 2-3 other teams are interested in signing the big named defensive linemen. Its not going to be cheap though, Haynesworth wants to be paid BIG money. So teams better have A LOT of cap space if they are pursuing this guy.

Another big named free agent looking for a team is Former RB for the Jacksonville Jaguars, Fred Taylor. Last I heard he was looking towards both New England and Buffalo as a possible team for him. No clear word on where he’ll end up though, he’s already visited Buffalo and went to New England recently to scout them out. If he does end up with the Patriots, team better look out for not only the passing game with Tom Brady back but the run game with Fred Taylor.

Marvin Harrison is yet another big name who was recently released. After asking for big money from the Colts (which god bless them they didn’t have), the two parties came to an agreement on his release. This guy is old and had a lackluster season last year, I don’t see many teams going after him. If they do, its mainly to see if the last season was just an off-season, or maybe he’s just in decline.

Some honorable mentions for this include: Lineback Marcus Washington, who was not ready to take a hit in his contract to make cap room, therefor him and the Washington Redskins called it quits. We won’t be seeing Washington in Washington anytime soon. Running Back Warrick Dunn, Linebacker Derrick Brooks, and two other Wideouts in Ike Hilliard and Joey Galloway and Linebacker Cato June said goodbye to Tampa Bay after being waived from the team, in what looks like a move to free up some cap space. If anything, it was definitely a surprise to see Derrick Brooks go, and I see someone who need a good Veteran Linebacker going after him (if Ray Lewis doesn’t overshadow him too much). Laverneus Coles, former wideout from the Jets recently got released and this will be another possible pick up for teams that aren’t waiting till the NFL Draft to get a wideout to add to the team.

Before I end this, I must mention Ray Lewis again! After wanting more money with Baltimore, the two split up and now Ray Lewis is looking to go to Dallas. If this happens…as a Redskins Fan myself….I will not hesitate to say “FUCK RAY LEWIS” on both meetings this upcoming season. Other than that, it will be yet another HUGE signing for Dallas over its storied history.

With a very heavy wideout draft coming up, I don’t see a lot of Wideout Free Agents being picked up. Especially if they’re Vets who are looking to retire soon. Keep a lookout though and maybe one of these guys will get picked up.

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