Today we see the release two downloadable add-ons for Dead Rising 2: Off The Record. The release of the Fire Fighter Skill pack which grants you more attacks and clothing along with some other things that we’ll detail in a bit. On top of that the “Gamebreaker” pack released as well, and we have a video that highlights that! Back to the Fire Fighter Pack, this new skill pack turns Frank West into a savior among….survivors…I guess, anyways the pack gives you the ability to save survivors faster, kick doors down and walk through fire. Here is the list of things you upgrade Frank West with in this new DLC Pack:

  • Immunity to fire damage
  • Increased speed when carrying or assisting survivors
  • The ability to kick doors open
  • New attack and increased durability with the fire axe

Next up we’re talking about the “Gamebreaker” Pack that gives you a ton of stuff that lets you manipulate the game and bend it to your will! Here is what you get with the “Gamebreaker” Pack:

  • Instant PP
  • God Mode
  • Super damage
  • Super speed
  • Big head mode
  • Body builder mode
  • Dumb zombies
  • Flat Frank
  • Giant hands
  • Cinema filters
  • And more

The Firefighter Skills Pack will run you $1.99 or 160 MSP and the Gamebreaker Pack is 4.99 or 400 MSP. Both are available through the Xbox Live Marketplace and the PlayStation Store. Here is the trailer and screenshots from the Firefighter Skill Pack and the trailer from the “Gamebreaker” pack.

Fire Fighter Skills Pack:

Gamebreaker Pack:


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